Livestreaming at Adobe MAX with Wes McDermott!

Oct 18, 2022 | Livestreams | 0 comments

There is one thing better than being at Adobe MAX: it's being at Adobe MAX, and making a livestream with my friend Wes!

I got the chance to fly to Los Angeles to attend one of the biggest creative event of the calendar: Adobe MAX 2022. And to be honest,  was a blast! The Adobe Substance 3D booth booth was huge and full during the three days. It was so invigorating seeing the Creative Cloud community showing so much interest for 3D and curious to know how they can implement Substance 3D to their pipeline!

 Livestreaming with Wes


Between all the different experiences, I got the opportunity to be host for Adobe Live, with Wes as a guest, showcasing the power of the Adobe Substance 3D ecosystem. Aside of being a great friend, Wes is one of the best demoist & storyteller I have ever met. The day before, he was actually showcasing the power of Substance 3D during the Adobe live keynote in front of thousands of people (+few millions online): no pressure!

So making this demo with me was a piece of cake for Wes :-). What was interesting is the the Adobe Live booth is actually built on the conference show floor, with people passing around: it definitely gives a special flavour! 

Building and showcasing a wood barrel

For this livestream, Wes wanted to explain how to use the desktop mode of Substance 3D Modeler to build a wood barrel that he would then texture with Substance 3D Sampler and render in Substance 3D Stager. Modeler is a new modeling/sculpting application, and while it is known for its virtual reality capabilities, you can also just rely on a dektop mode without any limitation. this is just a different approach, and this is what we wanted to showcase.


So let’s just have a look at Wes magic!

About Wes McDermott

Wes McDermott is a technical artist and strives to improve his work by finding a key balance between his technical knowledge and artistic skillset. He works for the Substance 3D team as Creatuve Producer, but most know him as an expert Substance teacher, and the voice behind many Substance tutorials. Wes is also the author of The PBR Guide: A Handbook for Physically-Based Rendering, Real Word MODO and Creating 3D Game Art for the iPhone with Unity

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