Livestream with Anna Natter

Oct 24, 2022 | Livestreams | 0 comments

Following Adobe MAX, I got the opportunity to stream with Anna Natter, who showed how she used the Substance 3D ecosystem, in combination with Illustrator...

I have been lucky enough to know Anna for a while, as we have been working together to handle Substance 3D Community Management work. She is a great artist and a great person. So when Adobe Live team asked me to think about an artist to invite after Adobe MAX, I naturally proposed Anna. What makes Anna’s work interesting, is that she is at the frontier between traditional “2D” graphic design, and 3D, and her Art Direction is pretty refreshing (I’m inviting you to go to the end of the article for more links about Anna.

During this livestream, Anna is showcqsing how to start from Illustrator to to create some elegant patterns that you can either convert to 3D shape directly within your favorite vectorial appĀ  (yes, it’s possible!), or reuse as materials with Substance 3D Sampler! She will finally combine all of this (3d shapes & materials within Substance 3D Sampler. anna is also shwing some of their experiments with photogrammetry in Substance 3D Sampler.

Here is a link to official livestream page

About Anna

Anna is a Hungarian creative living in Germany. Her current focus is digital art, 3D design and branding. She is now part of the Adobe Substance 3D evengelism team

Discover her work on her Behance profile

Anna Natter

3D designer/creative explorer