Substance 3D September 2022 news (English)

Sep 15, 2022 | Livestreams, News | 0 comments

Once or twice a year, we like to sit down with the Substance 3D team, and make a recap of what happened recently, and whatis coming next...

So this time I was with Jeremie Noguer and Lydia Choy, and we had A LOT of news to share 🙂 


Here are some of the announcements we made during this livstream:

  • Photogrammetry coming to Substance 3D Sampler
  • Model sub graphs coming to Substance 3D Designer

 A crazy amount of quality of life features for Substance 3D Painter. By “quality of life” we mean small, yet handy features that can dramatically spped your workflow:

  • Effects on Folders!
  • SBSAR Export
  • Tag Favorite Assets
  • Copy/Apply blending mode and opacity to all channels
  • Lock IBL to the camera
  • Quick mesh reload
  • Blending mode and opacity on filter and color selection effect
  • Reset Substance parameters
  • Separate R,G,B,A display
  • Better High DPI support
  • Save and import UI layout


We also unveiled some new features and content for Stager and Substance 3D Assets.


Watch the full livestream here: