Some MDL experiences for Substance Designer 6 release


Substance Designer 6 is here 🙂

This week at Allegorithmic, we decided to surf a bit on the Valentines Day wave. The same day, we made the SBS format available to many materials on Substance Source. And we released a new major version of Substance Designer: Substance Designer 6!


Do you know MDL?

While there is a ton of new features (like the Text node and the Curve node), we also wanted to promote some of the major existing one like the MDL editor.But do you know what MDL (Material Definition Language) is ? This is a format introduced by Nvidia that allows you to define the properties of a material. There are (at least)  two key points with MDLs: first, it defines the material properties in a physically correct way, and it ONLY defines the material properties. The consequence (and the goal), is that MDL is easily sharable by different types of rendering engines: for example, Iray, Vray 3.5 and Adobe Felix are supporting MDL format.

And if like me you are not a coder, you can use Substance Designer to create your MDL in a graphic nodal way 🙂

Substance Designer MDL Editor

Therefore for the release trailer of Substance Designer 6, I decided to start design different types of glass materials.

You can take a look at them just below:








2 thoughts on “Some MDL experiences for Substance Designer 6 release

  1. Cool materials! Can you show how you made them, especially the glowing one?

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