Live Training: Introduction to FX-Map

FX-Map is powerful but somewhat scary 🙂

FX-Map node is an extremely powerful node: if you open the reference graphs of most of the noises & patterns, you will find somewhere an FX-Map, driving the magic.

That said, this is not the most intuitive one: it has it’s own graph system, driven by it’s own set of nodes.



Go live with us!

If you want to get get an introduction to this power, I’ll be hosting a live training hangout on Thursday July 7th at 12:00 GMT+2 (lunch time for most of the Europeans 🙂

Don’t hesitate to directly participate as a “trainee”: this is the best way to learn 😉

You can watch The hangout session event here:

(from here you can watch the hangout ans ask questions during the show).


Or if you prefer, you can watch the Youtube stream just below:


3 thoughts on “Live Training: Introduction to FX-Map

  1. Hello Vincent, Hope you are doing well.

    I have seen your Procedural Grass making tutorial and it was really great experience. I have learnt many things from it, fx map is one of them.
    I have a query regarding Blending options. It works well with using blending mode ” Max ” with having very simple grass pattern. just blended with simple gradient.
    But if you are adding more details into it just like a separating grass pattern through adding dark line in between the grass pattern through blending, like actual grass has. It wont blend nicely, what I want to achieve. Grass is not blending properly due to its middle gradient part. I cant post image in this mail, other wise I can describe you better.
    I hope you get what I meant to say. If there is any solution please guide me.
    Thank you in advance,
    Happy New Year.

    Deepak Nikam

  2. Hey, I understand what you mean, and indeed this a tricky one, as I’m using the gradient to blend from ground to tip… I’ll try to think of a solution, bu so far, I really don’t know.. :-/

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