Substance Designer Contest : I’ll be in :-)

Contest Substance Designer

As you may know (if your read my previous post), Allegorithmic and Nvidia are organizing procedural texture contest with some cool GPUs to win.

The rule: create a 100% procedural material that belongs to one of the available categories.

I really wanted to participate to this contest for two main reasons: first I love SD so I thought it could be fun. And second, because my GPU is so old and weak that I cannot even launch SD at home :-D.

Therefore, the only time I can invest on the contest is during my lunch break, so I wasn’t sure to be able to have enough time to achieve something interesting.

But finally, I managed to find a fun idea and things went quite smoothly, so even if it’s not finished yet, I think I’ll get something.

The name of my entry will be “The Lie behind the Love”, and maybe this teaser picture will give you some ideas 🙂

Contest Substance Designer



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