Iray tests within Substance Designer

Iray rendering Substance Designer


“Iray member”

Since the announce of Iray integration within Substance Designer at SIGGRAPH this August, All the Allego-community was waiting for the 5.3 update that would bring the awesome new rendering engine directly in the viewport.

And now that I have been playing a bit with it, I have to say that it’s cool : the renders are gorgeous, and really easy to set.

In case you dont’t know, Iray, this is a physically base GPU render developed by Nvidia.

“Iray ajust”

Basically just switching to Iray gives really good results! Finally you don’t need to leave SD5 anymore to get high quality rendering results.

Of course, while this is a big step in the right direction, there is a lot to do to make the use of Iray even more efficient.

For example for now, we have to juggle between 5 menus to set up all the parameters. One solution would be to be able to switch between two UI layouts : one for design, and one for rendering.

In my opinion, it would help focusing of what we are actually doing, without over complexifying the interface.

Meanwhile, here is some renders I just made for fun (and it is indeed fun :-))

Iray rendered cube

Iray rendered sphere

Iray rendered eye

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